• Information for Parents and the Community regarding COVID-19 in the Wyoming Valley West School District

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  • Isolation Requirements

    Isolation Requirements

    If someone is Positive
    You are immediately required to isolate for 10 days beginning the day of the onset of symptoms OR the day of your COVID-19 test. (No one should should be physically present if they are symptomatic)
    If, on day 10 of a positive result, you are no longer symptomatic, and you have been fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication, you are cleared to return to work the following day, or day 11.
    With the assistance of the Department of Health, the person who tests positive will be required to do a 48 hour look back (from onset or symptoms or COVID-19 test date) to determine who may be at risk.
    At risk persons include:
    Those who were in contact with a person who tested positive for more than 15 minutes and within 6 feet masked or unmasked.
    Once at risk persons are identified, these individuals are required to:
    isolate for 14 days
    recommended to get a test 2-3 days after said exposure
    said individuals are NOT considered a risk to anyone at this time

    If you reside with a person who has tested positive
    Isolate for 10 days (along with the person who has tested positive)
    Once the positive person is cleared on the eleventh day, the rest of the household begins a 14 day isolation period (total 24 days)
    If a member of the household develops symptoms within the isolation period and tests positive, the process of isolation starts over for the rest of the household who has not yet been positive.

    Do not congregate in groups whenever possible
    ALWAYS remain masked when in proximity to any person
    Wash hands frequently or sanitize if soap and water are not available

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