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Transportation Discontinuing to Daycare Centers

On Monday, November 5, 2018, the Wyoming Valley West School District will discontinue transportation to daycare centers.  As a result, those stops placed directly at daycare centers will change. The following stops are those that will change or be removed.


·         Owen/Lackawanna (Swoyersville) will be removed for stops for Dana/Middle/High School.  Those students will now use the stop at Owen/Noyes.

·         Third/Davis (Kingston) will not be a regular bus stop for Dana/Schuyler/State St. The corner of Third/Davis will be used by students placed in a different school other than their home school.

·         Main St. –Little Learners  (Luzerne) will be removed and placed on Walnut St. (Tener St. intersection)  across from the apartments.  This street was chosen because it is a one way with less traffic and the students may use the parking lot there.  The majority of students that take the bus live close to this area. 

·         Chestnut/Main (Larksville) will be removed completely for State St.  Students should use Chestnut/Buttonwood that live in that area.

Click here to download the changes in PDF. 

If you have any questions, please call the Transportation Director at 570-288-6551 ext. 10801.