WVW Cyber

     Wyoming Valley West Cyber School

    The Wyoming Valley West School District offers our own WVW Cyber school. Our program allows ease of participation, hybrid/flexible scheduling, and customization to best provide for our students.  If you live in the Wyoming Valley West School District and are currently enrolled in another cyber school or are interested in our cyber school please contact the District at (570) 288-6551, Contact your guidance counselor.  (scroll for information presentation.)

    Links for currently ACTIVE WVW Cyber Students

    Middle and High School Cyber Links:

    Student Login: http://learn.education2020.com/student
    Family Portal:  http://learn.education2020.com/family/

    Elementary Cyber School Links:

    Use link on upper left side of this page when logging on. You wkill be loggin into the clever portal.

    Additional Links as instructed by the teacher.

    Remember to "Check Plug-ins" on the login screen frequently for updates.

    For grade 6-12, the Edgenuity platform offers totally interactive content proprietary to Edgenuity. Cyber courses are aligned to the WVW curriculum. and are released by marking period. Cyber classes are facilitated, remediated, and graded by WVW teachers; however, the classes differ from the lessons generated by WVW traditional teachers and delivered through WVW Google Classrooms (a.k.a. hybrid model.)
    Click for a DEMO of  imagine edgenuity  

    Click here for the video of the Student Experience.

    Previous Experience