• How to Obtain a Skyward Family Access/Parent Portal Login

    Please see the Parent Portal FAQ page under the Parents section.

    About Skylert

    Skylert is a parent/guardian mass communication notification service that Wyoming Valley West will use to provide information in a timely manner regarding school and extra-curricular cancellations, early dismissals, and special announcements.

    Using Skyward Family Access, you can select how to be contacted in an emergency: phone, email, and/or text message.

    Parents can update preferences and contact information anytime and as often as they like.

    In the event of a school closing, in addition to Skylert notifications, information may be posted on the school website and provided to local broadcast media.

    Using Skylert

    Log into Skyward Family Access through www.wvwsd.org, go to Parents and then Parent Portal Login. Once logged in, click on Skylert on the General Information menu on the left navigation bar. Your Skylert settings will display. If you desire to make changes, click on Edit on the right of screen.

    Save – if you make changes, be sure to click Save before exiting this screen.

    Undo Changes - if you make changes, clicking Undo changes will revert back to the prior settings provided you have not already clicked Save.

    Back - will send you back to the previous screen.

    Please note that the Primary Phone, Work, Cellular, and home E-mail shown under the Notifications for Primary Guardian are the same pieces of information recorded in our Skyward Student database. Changes that you would like to make to these numbers and e-mail can only be made through your child/children’s school main office.

    If you do not wish to receive any notifications, simply uncheck all the boxes and click Save.

    Types of Notifications

    Emergency notifications will reference events such as safety related incidents and other emergency notifications determined by district administrators. Emergency notifications will be sent only as needed.

    General notifications are for informational purposes only and will reference various district and school events and information. In addition, General notifications will be utilized to alert parents of school delay and/or closure due to inclement weather.

    Attendance notifications will be generated if your student is absent on a particular day.

    Skylert Limitations

    Families can determine which phone numbers and which e-mail accounts receive certain types of communications. Note that only the primary guardian of the family recorded as the first-family in our Skyward Student database (usually the custodial family) will have information sent to Skylert. Only the primary guardian of the first-family will be able to make changes to the Skylert information in Skyward Family Access. However, the first-guardian first-family does have the ability to add up to 1 additional phone number, 1 additional e-mail, and 2 additional SMS/Text message to the Skylert listing.