• All Stars


    In All Stars, students identify positive ideals and future aspirations. They participate in games and discussions that establish positive peer group norms. Students commit to personal standards of behavior and peer pressure to engage in risky behavior disappears. All Stars promotes bonding with family, school and community.  It encourages parents and kids to talk about aspirations and commitments.

    All Stars Core prevents alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, and reduces bullying and fighting by:

    • Building idealism and a belief in the future
    • Establishing positive norms
    • Establishing personal commitments to avoid risky behaviors
    • Promoting bonding to school or the group
    • Promoting positive parental attentiveness.

    The program is delivered to all WVW 7th grade students during health class.

    For more information, please contact Melissa Tomascik, Penn State Extension at 570.825.1701 or mot101@psu.edu.