• Life Skills


    Botvin Life Skills Training (LST) is a comprehensive program that will provide students with the confidence and skills necessary to successfully handle challenging situations.

    Rather than merely teaching information about the dangers of drug abuse, LST promotes healthy alternatives to risky behavior through activities designed to:

    •  Teach students the necessary skills to resist social (peer) pressures to smoke, drink, and use drugs
    •  Help students to develop greater self-esteem and self-confidence
    •  Enable students to effectively cope with anxiety
    •  Increase their knowledge of the immediate consequences of substance abuse
    •  Enhance cognitive and behavioral competency to reduce and prevent a variety of health risk behaviors.


    The Botvin Life Skills Training (LST) program not only prevents tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse but also teaches the knowledge and skills necessary to:

    • Increase the ability to make decisions and solve problems
    • Communicate effectively
    • Avoid misunderstandings
    • Make new friends
    • Stand up for your rights
    • Say “no” to unfair requests
    • Resist advertising pressures

    The program is delivered to all WVW 7th grade students during health class.

    For more information, please contact Caroline Novrocki, Penn State Extension at 570.825.1701 or cle110@psu.edu.