• The WVW PROSPER Team is a group of community advocates addressing issues affecting the health and habits of our youth and families. The Team provides programs for youth and families designed to prevent risky behaviors while increasing the positive skills that help youth become successful in life.

    WVW PROSPER Team Members:

    Caroline Novrocki- PROSPER Program assistant

    Christy Tomascik- PROSPER Prevention Coordinator

    Melissa Tomascik- PROSPER Prevention Specialist

    David Tosh – Wyoming Valley West Superintendent

    David Novrocki – Wyoming Valley West Director of Curriculum & Instruction

    David Bond- Middle School Principal

    Jeffrey DeRocco – Middle School Principal

    Timothy Needle- Middle School Assistant Principal

    Shawn Kelly- Middle School guidance counselor

    Jessica DePhillips- Middle School guidance counselor

    Alexa Yankosky- Middle School guidance counselor

    Andrew Brandt- 7th Grade Health/ Botvin Life Skills Training Teacher

    Rebecca Glassman-Payne- Luzerne County Children and Youth Services/ Parent

    Ashley Winslow- United Way of Wyoming Valley

    Nicole Lewis - Robinson Counseling Center/ Children's Service Center

    Stefanie Wolownik – Wyoming Valley Alcohol & Drug Services

    Keira Adamski- youth

    Samantha Cherinka- youth

    Emma Kilgallon- youth

    Annabelle Wojciechowski- youth

    Will Wojciechowski- youth

    Lola Wojciechowski- youth

    Stella Wojciechowski – youth

    Isabel Carrozza- youth

    Isla Carrozza – youth

    Nora Zekas – youth

    Patrick Craig – youth